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Lava Rock

About Lava Rock

Just a simple fast created track. I worked like 8 hours on this one. I released this one because I had fun racing on it, so maybe someone else also will enjoy it!

Software and extra:

  • My main modeler for this project was Blender 2.93
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • All animation done in Blender.
  • I used Substance Painter to draw all the materials on the objects.
  • Worldcut by Jigebren
  • Blender 2.79 Plug-in, created by Marv

Copyright and Download

You are free to modify or adapt any of these files without my permission, but it would be appreciated if you give appropriate credit and a link back to my website. Please do not use the material for commercial purposes. Please contact me via this form if you have any questions.

No soundtrack on the track. I did record the siren soundfx a while ago, and edit it in a loop. (Audacity)

Special Thanks To

  • Huki for testing and technical assistance
  • Tubers for testing and some artwork
  • Dummiesman for the awesome new Blender Plugin


  • Januari 1, 1970 YAY No bugs reported yet

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