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Cliff Mountain Trail

About Cliff Mountain Trail

This track idea started while I was playing Splinter Cell Blacklist. There is a level in this game where you need to walk down a cliff. I directly opened up Blender and start drawing a curve and applied an object road on it, with slightly different heights on random parts. After that I added some moutains and animated water. I imported the finished model in to Substance Painter to create the rocky material. The basic modelling and painting was done in a short time. The whole polishing and optimizing of the track took a little longer.. Enjoy!

Software and extra:

  • Blender 2.8/2.9
  • Photoshop for some adjustments.
  • Texture are all baked using Blender using a HDRI as a light source.
  • Substance Painter is used to create the textures.
  • Blender 2.79 Plug-in, created by Marv
  • Blender 2.73 Plug-in, created by Jigebren
    .fob (and custom animation), .taz, .vis placement

Copyright and Credits

You are free to modify or adapt any of these files without my permission, but it would be appreciated if you give appropriate credit and a link back to my website. Please do not use the material for commercial purposes. Please contact me via this form if you have any questions.


Wind sound effect is the same as used in Wildland which I recorded myself.


Access Knobs by Mental Broadcast vs Spinal Fusion (Sun Department Vol. 1)
Adaptions: Track shortened and looped in Audacity by myself.
license to share and adapt the track


  • Dec 6, 2020 ADJUSTED cliff.W worldcut applied (normal/reverse)

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