May 14, 2020

FixedFixed non triangulated faces on fences -> [.NCP]

uploadedUploaded slightly higher resolution textures on RevoltZone.

FixedFixed AI disappearing on start in Reversed mode [small part outside AI-boundaries] -> [.FAN] reversed

AddedAdded changelog to .html file

Technical Details
About Wildland

Wildland began as project 'Satellite Experiment' and the modeling was finished within an hour.

I took a large screen-shot from this location in Texas USA.
I used baked information from the same HDRI image I used for the SkyBox I've made for Revolt. I baked the Diffuse Color, Ambient Occlusion and the Shadow Maps and imported those in Substance Painter. From there the project extended to a bigger project. I added billboards, guard rails, tires and stones (using physics), banners (cloth physics) and painted several materials, dirt and scratches.

There is a wind force in Wildland, so this will effect the car. You can also do Time-Trials. On the track you will see little yellow wooden poles. This will indicate the split times for Time-Trials. I added reposition triggers on the sides of the world, so you can explore the map if you like. I think the track is clear enough to find your way back if you get off to the main road.

Custom animation for the flags was a long trail and error project. I wanted the flags to dance in the wind. You can check custom_animations.txtin the main folder if you are interested.

Thanks for all the people who helped me finish this track! See the credits and help below for people who have contributed. If I forgot someone, please let me know!

Copyright and Download

You can modify or add stuff to this track as much as you want but do not re-upload a modified version to any resource without my permission.

Download Wildland on revoltXTG here

The version on RevoltZone is a low version and is not recommended because the main map isn't that high quality from origin!

Copyright © 2020

SoundTrack and SoundFX

The soundtrack is created in LMMS by myself. I used some samples and presets from the LMMS Sharing platform and tweaked it. The wind soundFX is recorded by myself and edited and looped in Audacity. I recorded the driving soundFX by riding my bike through some gravel. Recording of the skidding is the brake sound on my bike while going through some dirt.

All soundFX are edited in Audacity and in LMMS for some EQ and ReverB adjustment.

Wildland SoundTrack*

*Not available on the RevoltZone version, download it from RevoltXTG

Credits and Help

Extra Flag Designs:

CapitaineSZM, Kiwi

Revolt Logo Sponsor Designs:

Xarc, MightyCucumber, Phimeek


Huki, hajducsekb, Alexander, 607, Victor_Star

Problem solving:

Thank you Huki, for all the help!

Textures & Models

basic map from

skybox from

tire model from

signs images from

Extra samples used in Soundtrack