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Technical Details
About The Reactor

The Reactor began as project small project and soon became a larger project. I wanted to create one platform to race in circles. Along the way I decided to create three platforms. I used arrays to copy use excisting modeling. With lighting from a HDRI with the sun completely above the sky I created almost top down lightning so I could share UV's more easily to raise up the quality and save texture space. Downside of that is if I paint on one platform, the same adjustment effected also the other 2 platforms. But I think that worked out well enough.

Copyright and Download

You can modify or add stuff to this track as much as you want but do not re-upload a modified version to any resource without my permission.

Download Full version (high textures) of The Reactor soon on revoltXTG!

The version on RevoltZone is a low version (jpeg textures to save space)

Copyright © 2020

SoundTrack and SoundFX

No soundtrack on the track. I used a siren that I looped, a sound I recorded a while ago.

Credits and Help


Thanks EleKid!

Problem solving:

Also, EleKid, big thanks!

Textures & Models

Materials from Substance share

All textures and models modelled and painted by myself

skybox from

Extra samples used in Soundtrack

Looped siren sound, by myself