June 12, 2020

AddedAdded responsive info html page

September 13, 2014

Fixed.npc updated (camara zooming, location tunnel Terminal)

Fixed.w updated (texture pipes not double sided, location tunnel Terminal)

September 13, 2014

Fixed.npc updated (roadblock fence no collision top part, location exit automatic door 1)

September 6, 2014

AddedVersion 1.0 uploaded

Technical Details
About The Bunker

September 6, 2014

The idea of this track started more then a year ago. First I made some preparations for an industrial area track but during that project the idea changed to an indoor track. Around March of 2014 I managed to create a raw track which I was able to build on. With some help of Jigebren and some help on RVLive I was able to finish version 1.0.

Known bugs

Although I know that there will be more, I only found 1 bug so far. Racing the track backwards jumping over a specific threshold will crash and flip the car, in some cases.
I didn't found out why the car should do that. Please report bugs to [mail at javildesign dot com] so I can update the track if needed.

I did a quick game gauge test:
171.64 Re-Volt v1.00
112 Min
244 Max

This is using the 1024x1024 texures. You can imagine what the fps will do if you use the 512x512 textures. My personal settings are 1024x600 windowed mode, using the LINEAR TEXTURE FILTER in the advanced (video) render settings. I think the LINEAR texture filter displays the_bunker textures better. (no flickering lines in distance).

Copyright and Download

You can modify or add stuff to this track as much as you want but do not re-upload a modified version to any resource without my permission.

Download The Bunker on revoltXTG here

Copyright © 2014

SoundTrack and SoundFX

No extra sounds implemented.

Credits and Help

I made all the bitmaps designs myself. Some images, like signs, metal doors and the brick wall ect. are not mine and came from texture libraries or found via a search engine.

Thanks to Jigebren for the awesome plugin and the help he gave me.

Thanks to the people on RVLive forum that helped me understand some parts of the MAKEITGOOD mode.