July 18, 2020

Reverse red cross bug fixed (.pan in reverse folder)

Technical Details
About Route-77

Route-77 a sequel of The Bunker

Started in December 2018 with a curve and some generated mountains in Blender. Soon it became a serious project with gigabytes of .blend and .psd files.

This track is the outside part of The Bunker. Noticed the metal closed door in both tracks.

I baked all the lightning in Blender. It is not 100% accurate and I adjusted it a million times afterwards. All the cones are moveable and there is a reverse mode available.

All textures created and generated by myself using Blender/Photoshop/Substance Designer.

Various fonts used from

The track is RVGL only.

I tried to avoid getting stuck on parts of the track. It is possible to get stuck directly on top of a wooden plank though. Slow down!
I tested the track only with the original cars. Have fun and contact me if you founds errors or bugs.

Copyright and Download

You can modify or add stuff to this track as much as you want but do not re-upload a modified version to any resource without my permission.

Download Route-77 on revoltXTG here

Copyright © 2014

SoundTrack and SoundFX

Soundtrack made by myself in MUSIC 2000 on PSX.

Edited with Audacity.

Route-77 SoundTrack

Credits Sounds

I also used some own sounds, and I edited some excisting sounds from RVGL.

Credits and Help

Thanks to all the people behind the development of RVGL.

Thanks to Marv and Huki for help and the Blender add-on.

Thanks to Last_Cuban for publishing it on his website.